Seventh Annual Energy & Resources Conference
Thursday, May 30th - Con Edison Building, NYC


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Challenges and Opportunities in
Climate Change

Abstract: Session 6 - The Climate Change Challenge and How We Can Benefit

Presenter: Marc Karell, P.E., CEM (Certified Energy Manager), Founder and Principal, Climate Change & Environmental Services, LLC.

Climate Change is becoming an issue of importance in the U.S., based on the speeches given by the President recently and polls showing that a growing majority of Americans believe in its validity and that we must implement actions fast to prevent the problem from getting worse.

This talk will begin with basic overview information about Climate Change. It will also discuss approaches to address Climate Change, including the direct “business” benefits of companies implementing a robust Climate Change program. Finally, the presentation will conclude with prudent steps to take to implement a successful program and the role of the chemical engineer in addressing the challenge.

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