Next Event: Tuesday, September 20th Dinner
(This is the tentative date for the local Section’s Annual Meeting)

Note: The Monday, June 20th Dinner Meeting has been cancelled.

Annual Meeting - At the Section's Annual Meetings, we have a global leader examine the the past or future of chemical engineering and offer views of what we can expect of the field or how a chemical engineer can lead in other areas affecting the wider world. Past Annual Meeting Speakers.

Past Topics: • “Is Engineering a Scientific Endeavor?” • “Great Inventions that Changed the World” • “Air Pollution Health Effects” • “What are Chemical Engineers and Why do We Need Them” • “The Future of Chemical Engineering (in 2010)”

When: The Metro New York Section’s Annual Meeting is usual the kick-off meeting of the academic year in September or October. This year’s event is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 20th. Details soon.

June - August: Gone Fishing. No Program this Summer. Catch you later!

Our Next Meeting is the Local Section’s Annual Meeting, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th. Details shortly.

Elections: It’s time to fill the following local Section offices: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The slate of candidates is now complete, and ballots will soon be sent (via email) to all Local Section Members eligible to vote.

The normal period of service for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be three years.

All Officers and Directors must be Members or Associate Members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and members in good standing of the Section.

Among the duties of these officers are (See
Bylaws for full details):

The Chair shall provide leadership and management for the Section.

The Vice Chair shall act as Liaison to the Institute, and shall be an
ex officio member of all Committees.

The Secretary shall keep a permanent record of the Proceedings of the New York Section and of the Executive Committee. He shall, in conjunction with the Vice Chair, at all times keep a record of members eligible to vote and to hold office. By the date set by the Council of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, he shall file (in conjunction with the Treasurer) with the Secretary of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers a report on the activities of the Section during the year.

The Treasurer shall be charged with the collection, retention and disbursement of funds as authorized by the Executive Committee.

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If you are not a Member of this Section, you can apply the $10 additional amount paid as a Guest to a full Membership for 2016. Please notify Treasurer Joel Kirman that you wish to be a Member. Register Now.
Save the Dates: 2016 Meeting Dates

2016 Dates Details to be determined for future Meetings:

Local Section’s Annual Meeting
Tuesday, Sept. 20th (at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant. Map.)

Monthly Dinner Meetings
Monday, Oct. 17th
Monday, Nov. 14th
Monday, Dec. 19th
Where: Pfizer Building, 219 East 42nd Street, Manhattan. Map

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