Job Opportunities for Chemical Engineers

February 2016

The following two opportunities have been provided by Jess Stinson, CEO of Century Global Executive Search, LLC.

1) Process Engineer, Chemical Manufacturing (Peoria, IL)
Requires B.S. (Chemical Engineering) and 2-4 years of industrial experience.

Overview: Candidate will develop new or improved products, processes, or techniques. Analyze processes and recommend solutions and process improvements to achieve production, safety, and environmental goals.

Jess Stinson for further details.

2) Process Engineer / Solids Handling (Chicago Heights, IL)
Requires B.S. (Chemical Engineering) and 10 years of engineering experience.

The Process Engineer will initiate, develop and help implement projects to lower costs, improve quality, evaluate new technologies, evaluate new raw materials, and/or generate new business.

Jess Stinson for further details.

Jess Stinson, CEO
Century Global Executive Search, LLC
Phone: 610-874-1986

This webpage is not intended as a comprehensive jobs site, but rather a quick way to disseminate job opportunities. This information results from networking efforts by AIChE, Metro New York officers and members for chemical engineers in the New York area.