Seventh Annual Energy & Resources Conference
Thursday, May 30th - Con Edison Building, NYC


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Challenges and Opportunities in
Climate Change

Abstract: Concluding Remarks - Opportunities for Chemical Engineers

Presenter: Dr. Herbert W. Cooper, President, Dynalytics Corp., and Chair, Metro New York Section, AIChE.

Countries throughout the world are facing demands from their populations, industrial sectors and governments for a variety of changes with respect to standards of living, worker productivity, jobs, and economic safety nets. These demands will lead to Chemical Engineers’ careers being impacted by many factors. Examples include the increased need for electricity for air conditioning; the effect of climate change on food and water production, availability, processing and their supply trains; the shifting patterns of the sources of water, oil and natural gas that are used to produce electricity, transportation fuels and a wide variety of chemicals; changes in fertilizer and pesticide use for food production; extensive population shifts.

These drivers will lead Chemical Engineers to find that some new doors are opening while some traditional doors will be closing. Simultaneously, the competition for employment will be more intense, and increasingly more knowledge- and specific experience-intensive than previously encountered. These will be discussed and career forecasts will be presented.

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